„ORIGINE“ TUUM Silber Ring

SFr. 55

breiter „ORIGINE“ TUUM Ring aus 925 Sterling Silber

Fingerring in schönem Zustand, nur wenig Gebrauchsspuren vorhanden und diese sind mehrheitlich innen am Ring (siehe Fotos)

Grösse 18 = Grösse 58

  • Neupreis EUR 225.-
  • Modell: Origine Burnished Silver
  • inkl. Box
  • Made in Italy

The name ORIGINE symbolises the starting point of the TUUM project. It is the first TUUM jewel which draws inspiration from the Pater Noster, ‘The Lord’s Prayer’. The design is unique in that five lines of text frame the iconic ‘P’. We wanted to emphasize the ‘P’ of Pater rather than use a symbol such as the cross, as the latter already encompasses an interpretation.

As TUUM, means ‘yours’, this piece wants to emphasize the individual’s personal reflection to the jewel as everyone can read the spiritual message and interpret it in their own way.

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