Kitty Clogs


SFr. 40

KITTY CLOGS SWEDEN „Cumin Mid Äventyr“ Clogs

sehr schöner Zustand, einige ganz kleine Gebrauchsspuren (siehe Fotos)

Grösse 36
Absatz 7cm
Plateau 2cm


“ÄVENTYR” Swedish [noun] “adventure”

The Äventyr clog is a super versatile and dreamily comfortable, heeled clog sandal. The woven uppers add beautiful detail and comfort to this pair.

Our Cumin leather is a deliciously warm and rich tan colour. Pull Up leather is dyed with a soluble dye that enhances rather than conceals the leather’s natural surface. The colour is sealed with a natural oil rather than covered or coated so it migrates during the wet moulding process giving the final appearance a mottled, almost antique look. The leather stays buttery soft. Scuffs and scratches blend and become a part of the story of the leather so, with time and wear, the surface will evolve and change to be totally unique to you.

The Mid Äventyr clog has woven stapled leather uppers and an open back. The dark Alder wood base has a 70mm heel so comfortable you can have the height without the feel of wearing heels. All of our wooden bases are ergonomically shaped inside and out for comfort and have a rubber grip on the sole. With time and wear both the leather and wooden base will soften and begin to mould to the shape of your foot.

This style has a snug, slightly narrower fit but the Äventyr suits most foot widths. The woven uppers hug your foot and stretch to its unique width. The heel helps your foot stay comfortably inside the shoe and won’t slip off when walking.

KIT + CLOGS is a sustainable, independent footwear and lifestyle brand based in the UK. Driven by a true love for beautiful, handmade items and the determination to keep traditional crafts and manufacturing methods alive, they have been designing consciously crafted KIT + CLOGS since 2016 [formerly Kitty Clogs Sweden].

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