Sibel Saral

SIBEL SARAL Seidenshirt

SFr. 60

schwarzes SIBEL SARAL Seidenshirt

Generell in sehr schönem Zustand, ein winziger Faden gezogen under der rechten Achsel (siehe Bilder), dies fällt aber beim Tragen nicht auf.

Grösse M
Schulterbreite ca. 43cm
Brustbreite ca. 60,5cm
Länge ca. 65cm
Ärmellänge innen ca 49cm

  • Material: 96% Seide, 4% Elastan

Born in NYC, Sibel Saral collection is a modern rethink of garments meant to be worn and loved beyond the limits of seasons and years, always choosing comfort and quality over unnecessary decoration. Clean lines are the focus of the collection however discreet femininity, unexpected small details and special fits attract the attention of woman who has a kind of indie attitude and slight eccentricity. Sibel Saral is for the woman who is free of trends. She wants to have unique bond with her clothing, not expecting to be noticed but naturally being proud of the way she dresses.

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