Stand Alone


SFr. 49

schwarzer, weit geschnittener Pullover von STAND ALONE - WHEREABOUT IS YOUR SOUL

Grösse M
Schulterbreite ca. 59cm
Brustbreite ca. 68,5cm
Länge ca. 57cm
Ärmellänge innen ca. 50cm

  •  100% Baumwolle

Stand Aloné is a Korean brand that has been running vintage shops around the Seoul area since 1990. ECRU, one of their main vintage store brands, sources a range of unique products from around the world

This expertise in vintage sensibility plays into their own collections. Stand Aloné is reinterpreted as a season-specific collection utilizing this expertise, a range of elevated basics cut from quality fabrics and adorned with thought-out detailing.

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